Symposium chairs: Jitka Hrbek, Rafat Al Afif, Christoph Pfeifer

Bioenergy will play a significant role in the decarbonisation of our energy systems, especially in aspects where it is difficult to substitute fossil fuels with renewables (e.g. aviation, heavy transportation, โ€ฆ). The symposium will provide a platform for industry, decision makers from politics and especially for researchers to exchange know-how, innovative ideas and production as well as utilization routes. All aspects of bioenergy will be covered such as bio-chemical conversion routes (fermentation, anaerobic digestion, โ€ฆ) as well as thermo-chemical conversion routes (pyrolysis, gasification, combustion, hydrothermal processes), starting from fuel pre-treatment, via processes as well as product cleaning and upgrading until the final utilization.

The presented papers will be invited to submit a full paper to selected journals.