The Sustainable Energy and Environmental Protection conference provides a forum for both researchers and practitioners around the world to present papers on recent developments in the fields of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Protection. The organizing committee of the conference invites papers from researchers and practitioners from academic as well as industry within the scope of the conference subjects.


The conference particularly welcome papers related to industrial based projects. Papers dealing with one or more of the following topics will be considered for the conference:

Steam System Efficiency & Management
Biomass Conversion
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology
Hydrogen Economic & Investments
Photovoltaic Technology
Solar Thermal Applications
Marine/Ocean Energy
Wind Energy & Applications
Technical Developments in Vehicles
Engines and Equipment
Fuelling Technology (EV, Diesel, CNG, LPG)
Modelling and Simulation
New Concepts including LNG
Electrical & Hybrid Drive Systems
Energy Storage
Supercapacitors and Applications
Smart/Hybrid Power Networks
Policies & Regulations
Codes & Standards
Economic Aspects
Road Management
Marketing Strategies
Environment Management

Environmental Issues including:

Air Pollution
Water and Water Management
Waste Management
Climate Change
Health and Environment
Customer and Society Satisfaction
Materials and Fuel Developments
Light weight structures
Fuel Cell Materials
Sensor Technologies
Passive and Active Building Design
Cyber Security
AI and Robotics
Circular Economy
Nuclear Energy and decommissioning


Selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version to the following Elsevier Journals:

  • Energy (IF: 8.857)
  • Renewable Energy (IF: 8.634)
  • International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (IF: 7.139)
  • Journal of Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy (IF: 4.621)
  • Thermal Science and Engineering Progress (Elsevier) (IF: 4.56)
  • International Journal of Thermofluids (Elsevier) (CiteScore: 6.6)
  • Carbon Resources Conversion (KeAi)  (CiteScore: 9.7)
  • Energy Nexus (Elsevier)

Sessions, Workshops and Symposiums

SEEP 2023 welcome you to suggest or organise Sessions, Workshops and Symposiums.

Submission of Abstracts

Interested contributors are requested to submit abstract(s) of up to 200 words to, it should show clearly title, name of all authors and affiliation.



SEEP 2023 Organising Committee

  • Prof Hussam Jouhara
  • Prof Abdul Ghani Olabi 
  • Prof. John Dear
  • Prof. Rytis Skominas
  • Dr Bertrand Delpech
  • Dr. Mohamad Ramadan
  • Ms Valentina Olabi (Conference Coordinator)

IMechE Symposium Orgarnising Committee

  • Martin Robinson (IMechE), Chairman
  • Abdul Ghani Olabi (University of Sharjah)
  • John Dear (Imperial College)
  • Hussam Jouhara (Brunel University London)
  • Wei Tan (Queen Mary University)
  • Haibao Liu (Imperial College)
  • Hari Arora (Swansea University)
  • Chris Braithwaite (Cambridge University)

International Advisory Committee:

  • Prof. Maamar Bettayeb (UAE)
  • Prof. Abdul Ghani Olabi (UAE)
  • Prof. Hussam Jouhara (UK)
  • Prof. Christoph Pfeifer (Austria)
  • Dr. Rafat Al Afif (Austria)
  • Prof. Henrik Lund (Denmark)
  • Prof. Brian Norton (Ireland)
  • Prof. Noam Lior (USA)
  • Prof. Martin Wendland ( Austria)
  • Prof. Stane Božičnik (Slovenia)
  • Prof. Soteris Kalogirou (Cyprus)
  • Prof. Stefano Cordiner (Italy)
  • Prof. Michele Dassisti (Italy)
  • Prof. Jinyue Yan (Sweden)
  • Prof. Umberto Desideri (Italy)
  • Prof. Michele Gambino (Italy)
  • Prof. S. Orhan Akansu (Turkey)
  • Prof. David Timoney (Ireland)
  • Prof. David Kennedy (Ireland)
  • Prof. Bekir Sami Yilbas (Saudi Arabia)
  • Prof. B. AbuHijleh (UAE)
  • Prof. Jim McGovern (Ireland)
  • Prof. Socrates Kaplanis (Greece)
  • Prof. Zdravko Kravanja (Slovenia)
  • Prof. Jirí Jaromír Klemeš (Czech Republic )
  • Prof. Darko Goričanec (Slovenia)
  • Prof. Zhiyuan Liu (China)
  • Prof. Antonio Valero (Spain)
  • Prof. Ashwani Gupta (USA)
  • Dr. Fouad Al-Mansour (Slovenia)
  • Dr. Aoife Foley (UK)
  • Dr. Athanasios Megartis (UK)
  • Prof. Francesco Di Maria (Italy)
  • Prof. George Tsatsaronis (Germany)
  • Prof. Luis M. Serra (Spain)
  • Prof. Luigi Alloca (Italy)
  • Prof. Philippe Knauth (France)
  • Prof. Abdulnaser Sayma (UK)
  • Dr Bertrand Delpech (UK)
  • Prof. Esra Aleisa (Kuwait)
  • Prof. Roy Douglas (UK)
  • Prof. Mohammad Ali Abdelkareem (UAE)
  • Prof. Abul Hai Al-Alami (UAE)Prof Abderrahmane Hamidat  (Algeria)
  • Dr. Danijela Urbancl (Slovenia)
  • Prof. Daniel Favrat (Switzerland)
  • Prof. Erik Dahlquist (Sweden)
  • Dr Amani Al-Othman (UAE)
  • Prof. Nobuyoshi Nakagawa (JAPAN)
  • Prof. Ahmed A. Farghali (Egypt)
  • Prof.  Mohd Shahbudin Mastar (Malaysia)
  • Prof. Takuya Tsujiguchi (JAPAN)
  • Prof. Siti Kartom Kamarudin (Malaysia)
  • Prof. Kyu-Jung Chae (South Korea)
  • Dr. Waqas Hassan Tanveer (UK)
  • Dr. Hend Omar Mohamed (South Korea)
  • Dr. Mohamed Obaid (South Korea)
  • Prof. Eric Leonhardt (USA)
  • Prof. GianLuca Rospi (Italy)
  • Dr Zhien Zhang (USA)
  • Dr. Josè Simoes (Portugal)
  • Dr Enas Taha Sayed (Egypt)
  • Prof. Jinli Qiao (China)
  • Prof. Kadir Aydin (Turkey)
  • Dr Osama Basmage (Ireland)
  • Dr. Khaled Benyounis (Ireland)
  • Dr Haibao Liu (Cranfield University)
  • Prof. Jinli Qiao (China)
  • Prof. Kadir Aydin (Turkey)
  • Dr Osama Basmage (Ireland)
  • Dr. Khaled Benyounis (Ireland)
  • Prof. Laszlo Garbai (Hungary)
  • Prof. Mariano Martin (Spain)
  • Prof. Masahiro Ishida (Japan)
  • Prof. Michael Seal (USA)
  • Prof. Marco Spinedi (Italy)
  • Prof. Michio Kitano (Japan)
  • Prof. Ahmed Hafaifa (Algeria)
  • Prof. Nafiz Kahraman (Turkey)
  • Prof. Na Zhang (China)
  • Prof. Naotake Fujita (Japan)
  • Prof. Niko Samec (Slovenia)
  • Prof. Oleksandr Zaporozhets (Ukraine)
  • Prof. Osama Al-Hawaj (Kuwait)
  • Prof. Petar Varbanov (Hungary)
  • Prof. Peter Goethals (Belgium)
  • Dr. Markus Bolhar-Nordenkampf (Austria)
  • Prof. Tobias Pröll (Austria)
  • Dr. Gregor Tondl (Austria)
  • Dr. Jitka Hrbek (Austria)
  • Dr. Tabbi Wilerforce (UK)
  • Prof. Amani Al-Othman (UAE)
  • Dr. Mohammad Tawalbeh (UAE)
  • Dr. Tareq Salameh (UAE)
  • Prof. Radu Sorin Mihai (Romania)
  • Prof. Qi Zhang (China)
  • Prof. Rik Baert (The Netherlands)
  • Dr. Stephen Glover (UK)
  • Prof. Signe Kjelstrup (Norway)
  • Dr. Sumsun Naher (UK)
  • Prof. Sven Andersson (Sweden)
  • Dr. Salah Ibrahim (UK)
  • Prof. Sebahattin Unalan (Turkey)
  • Prof. Sabah Abdul-Wahab Sulaiman (Oman)
  • Prof. Somrat Kerdsuwan (Thailand)
  • Prof. T. Hikmet Karakoç (Turkey)
  • Prof. Tahir Yavuz (Turkey)
  • Prof. Hon Loong Lam (Thailand)
  • Prof. A.M.Hamoda (Qatar)
  • Prof Hegazy Rezk (Saudi Arabia)
  • Prof Suzana Yusup (Malaysia)
  • Prof. Dieter Meissner (Austria)
  • Dr. Hussam Achour (Ireland)
  • Prof. Gu Hongchen (China)
  • Prof. Haşmet Turkoglu (Turkey)
  • Dr. James Carton (Ireland)
  • Dr. Azzedine Boutelhig (Algeria)
  • Dr Hon Loong LAM (Malaysia)
  • Dr Ahmad Baroutaji (UK)
  • Dr Abed Al-Aswad (UK)
  • Dr. Eivind Johannes (Norway)
  • Prof. Mohamad Ramadan (Lebanon)
  • Prof. Abdelakder Outzourhit (Morocco)
  • Prof. Bilge Albayrak Çeper (Turkey)
  • Prof. Bekir Zühtü Uysal (Turkey)
  • Dr. Silvia Tedesco (UK)
  • Dr. Valentin Ivanov (Germany)
  • Prof. Yasufumi Yoshimoto (Japan)
  • Prof. Yunus Ali Çengel (Turkey)
  • Prof. Zeljko Knez (Slovenia)
  • Prof. Zoltan Magyar (Hungary)
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Mekky (UK)
  • Dr. S. Vasudevan (india)
  • Prof Majid Ghassemi (Iran)
  • Dr Kittessa Roro (South Africa)
  • Dr. Vitaliy Sergeev, (Russia)
  • Prof. Natalia Politaeva (Russia)
  • Prof. Hala J. El-Khozondar (Gaza)
  • Prof. Omer Nawaf Maaitah (Jordan)
  • Dr Sulaiman Almahmoud (UK)


Sponsored prizes, will be awarded for the best papers presented  by undergraduate students. Judges will decide on the awards based on the quality of both the written paper, and the presentation.

The Venue

The conference will be held in the Hamilton Conference Centre at Brunel University London. The venue is well connected to the rest of the UK, just a short drive from the M25, M4 and M40 motorways and close to Heathrow Airport. It is also linked to other London Airports (Gatwick, City, Stansted and Luton) for more information please visit:


Important Dates:

Receipt of abstracts: 15/06/2023
Notification of abstract acceptance: 30/06/2023
Receipt full paper: 15/08/2023
Conference: 25th – 28th July 2023

Registration Fees

Before 10/07/2023

Author/Delegate Online£550
Committee Member£500
Student £400

After 10/07/2023

Author/Delegate Online£600
Committee Member£550
Student £450

Registration fees cover participation in all sessions of the conference, a copy of the proceedings, lunches, refreshments and conference dinner.

All Correspondence:

Conference team,
Ms Valentina Olabi (Conference Coordinator)

Web Address: