Mr. Alojz Buhvald

Executive Director of Production at SIJ Metal Ravne


Experience and potential in the field of efficient use of energy and reduction of the impact of industrial processes on the environment in the steel industry

He has been the Executive Director of Production in the Slovenian steel company SIJ Metal Ravne that produces tool and special steels for the last twelve years. In addition to the management of production, a highly energy-intensive industry, a continuous optimization and maximal utilization of all energy carriers plays a very important role. He and his team of specialists have been engaged for several years in the best possible utilization of excess energy.

After he had finished his studies of metallurgy at the Ljubljana University in 1996, he started to work in the Development Department of the company SIJ Metal Ravne. He worked five years in the Department of Metallurgical Research and Development, and gained a lot of knowledge from the field of management of development projects, running researches, optimization of technologies, consulting the customers and a cooperation with external development&research institutions. After five years of work in metallurgical research and development, he joined the Department of Project Management where he concentrated on demanding projects from the field of re-engineering, process management, optimization of technological processes, investments, cost and energy efficiency, quality systems, information system and optimization of planning and education. In 2004, he took over the management of Production Central Planning Department until he was appointed the Executive Director of Production in 2007.


In 20 years of his work in the metallurgical company, he has gained a lot of experience and knowledge from various fields he has been engaged in all these years: development, technology, planning, production, investments, energy sector, controlling, information system, quality systems, human resources, education and purchasing & sales.