Mr. Charles Clarke


Sustainability challenges and opportunities in aviation


Charles studied mechanical engineering at UMIST and has worked in aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, robotics and electronics. His early work on devising a method for using ad hoc flight test data to deduce helicopter control derivatives lead to a wider interest in mathematical modelling. His company, Those Engineers Ltd,  marketed and added to the development of electronic circuit simulators and developed models of internal flow networks by adapting the simulation code. Following the 1987 Kings Cross fire, when working for the Secretary of State’s agent for the Jubilee Extension project, this work was used for tunnel fire ventilation check modelling. Charles has a further interest in hydraulic engineering and has designed wavemakers and associated instrumentation for a number of universities and research establishments. Components of recent work include energy monitoring for compliance with legislation for the Confederation of Paper Industries, the design and supply of a wind turbine ocean array storm test model and various turbine test rigs for Cranfield University and the UK’s Environment Agency.

Charles, who is an enthusiastic microlight aircraft pilot, is a Chartered Engineer and member of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He also serves as the Royal Aeronautical Society’s General Aviation Group Liaison with the Greater London Region panel of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and contributes to the committee activities of both Institutions.